Shaw brands Vic Premier ‘gutless’

Suspended Victorian MP Geoff Shaw has labelled Premier Denis Napthine “gutless” and claimed he is innocent of the offence that got him suspended from parliament.


The member for Frankston also compared the apology he has been ordered to make with one a child might give to a sibling.

“It’s a bit like mum and dad saying `apologise to your brother’ and you go `sorry’ but do you mean it?” Mr Shaw told A Current Affair on Wednesday.

To avoid being expelled from parliament, Mr Shaw must repay more than $6800 and make a formal apology to the house when his suspension ends on September 2.

The Liberal-turned-independent was found by the privileges committee to have misused his parliamentary car and entitlements.

But he says there was no wilful misuse.

“The actual reports say there was no wilful usage of that vehicle,” Mr Shaw told A Current Affair.

Asked why he would apologise if he didn’t do anything wrong, he replied “that’s a very good question” adding he was under the threat of expulsion.

“With Denis there was no negotiation he just did what he did,” Mr Shaw said.

Last month Mr Shaw gave an apology at a comedy show.

“To the people of Victoria, I am exceptionally sorry, and I apologise to parliament, and to you, good people of Victoria,” Mr Shaw said on June 16.

Dr Napthine said Mr Shaw’s apology needed to be genuine.

“I think it’s appropriate it was at a comedy show. I think it was a bit of a joke,” Dr Napthine said.

On Wednesday, Mr Shaw also branded former speaker Ken Smith bitter, and opposition leader Daniel Andrews a pretender.

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